H Pylori Breath Test

H Pylori is a very nasty, and unfortunately very common, type of bacteriological infection which affects millions of individuals the world over, each and every day. There are many ways to detect the presence of an H Pylori bacteria infection. The simplest, and safest, is to have a doctor do an H Pylori breath test. The test itself is very easy to perform, and does not require more than hour or so to conduct.

When it it is time for you to take an H Pylori breath test, your doctor will require you to breathe deeply, then exhale, into a special bag which is shaped more or less like a balloon. Once you exhaled breath into this special bag, the doctor will then collect it, and take it for testing. The purpose of the resulting test is to compare it against a sample of air collected from a completely healthy individual who shows no signs of H Pylori infection. This comparison of your breath against that of the completely healthy person is called a base line sample.

After the bag has been collected for further testing, you will be directed by your physician to drink a small amount of a pleasant tasting lemon-flavored liquid. Within this liquid are further testing agents, which will enable your doctor to make a sound diagnosis of H Pylori. Fifteen or twenty minutes after you have drank this lemon flavored solution, your doctor will take a second sample, by asking you to breathe into another bag. When you have done so, it will again be collected by your doctor. The tests he conducts on this second occasion will be for the purpose of comparing with the first bag, to see if there has been an increase in the carbon dioxide present in your lungs.

After the testing procedure has been conducted, you may usually simply resume the course of your normal day to day activities. Except in very extreme cases where H Pylori has already incapacitated a patient, there is no need for an over night stay in the hospital. A patient may also resume taking their normal range of diet and other types of prescribed medicines. However, in certain cases of advanced H Pylori infection, your doctor may advise you against taking certain of these, especially if you have been placed under dietary restrictions. Always consult with your doctor before resuming any course of medications that may have been previously prescribed before you contracted your H Pylori infection.

Now that you have received your breath test for H Pylori infection, your doctor will notify you as soon as the resulting laboratory tests confirm the presence of H Pylori, or whether they point instead to some other type of illness. If your breath test for H Pylori infection comes back positive, he will normally prescribe a course of antibiotic medication to deal with the infection. About a month after this initial course of treatment, your doctor may request a repetition of your breath test, in order to insure that your H Pylori infection has truly been completely eradicated from your system.